Have you noticed lines at the checkout counter getting longer? Or that social distancing is making it harder to browse and search for what you need in the grocery store? Walmart noticed. In an effort to get its customers in and out of the store faster, it unveiled a new store design. This new design is expected to be in place in 200 stores by the end of 2020 and more than 800 additional stores in 2021.

To put things into perspective--Walmart has 4,753 US store locations--so it’s an endeavor that requires a multi-year roll-out. The big design change is grouping items in a more seamless fashion while also mirroring the categories used in the Walmart app through big visible signs like “Seafood” or “Dairy”.

“By creating a system that acknowledges our app navigation from beginning to end, we create an optimized omni experience for both customers and associates.” Janey Whiteside, EVP and Chief Customer Officer, Walmart

The Walmart app itself will also give you directions down the aisle number and a fun little map to help you navigate. With Walmart superstores averaging about 182,000 square feet, this will very likely improve the customer experience. The secondary goal here is to increase download and use of the mobile app. With the app, you can also scan an item and order it in a different color online or get recommendations for other items to purchase.

Walmart had a spike in app downloads during the first few months of the pandemic go up as high as 460% increase compared to Amazon’s increase of 20%. While Walmart held the #2 spot in total number of monthly users of its shopping app, this year could see it more closely compete with Amazon shopping which currently holds the #1 spot.